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    Vesaro I Professional Stage 2 Racing Simulator

    Product Details

    Vesaro I Professional Stage 2

    Price: £15,405.00 (Excluding Shipping + Taxes)

    Vesaro I professional simulator designed for private or home customers requiring high end Motorsport grade components for personal race driver training or home enthusiasts who require the best.

    The simulator comes Plug and Play factory assembled by default and includes a professional grade direct drive steering force feedback system, designed for the ultimate in authenticity and realism and offering direct feedback of the cars steering system, road texture and general forces.


    Chassis: Vesaro I Chassis
    GT Seat Position Conversion System: Vesaro I Modular GTF Conversion Kit
    Chassis Storage: Pedal Under Tray Storage system
    Seats: Vesaro Signature Cobra Evolution Pro GT
    Seat Belt Systems: Seat Belt - 4 Point Racing Harness Level 1
    Audio: Integrated Audio System - 5 Speaker On-Board Audio
    Chassis Upgrades - Steering Decks: Vesaro Pro Controls V-Spec Wheel Base S Type Steering Deck
    Level 3 - Pro Controls V-Spec Wheel Base - S Type: Pro Controls Wheel Base V-Spec
    Level 3 - Pro Control V-Spec Wheel Rims - S Type: Pro Controls V-Spec - GT3 Wheel Wireless
    Level 3 - Pro Control V-Spec Wheel Rims - S Type: Pro Controls V-Spec - GT3 Wireless Wheel Quick Release Hub
    Pedals: Pro Control V-Spec Hydraulic Pedals - Black Edition
    Vesaro PC Systems: Vesaro PC On-Board Level 1
    PC Racing Software - Personal Use: Software - Personal Use - Assetto Corsa
    Accessories: Cable And Adaptor Kit - Triple Display Stand
    Accessories: Power Kit
    Accessories: Combined Event Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    Triple Display Stands: Triple Display Stand Compact
    Triple Display Screens - HD Flat: Triple Display Screen 27 Inch
    Assembly Type: Plug and Play Factory Assembly
    Shipping Transport Crates: Wooden Shipping Crate - Small
    Vesaro Support:Vesaro Free Support