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    About Us

    Hey there,

    We’re Billionaire Toys, a company that believes the young at heart still love their “toys”… they’ve just gotten bigger.

    We started from a conversation between two friends at a cafe, asking “Why aren’t all the supercars, yachts, watches and jets online in once place like the toy catalogues we used to read?".

    It was 2009. Luxury brands were still wary of “the internet” and things like instagram, hashtags and influencers didn’t even exist yet.

    Founder, Brenon Melse, set about to fix this and worked to create an online concept to bring all of the supercar, superyacht and jet brands together in once place. He also needed help editing an image and asked another friend if she could take a look (as “payment” for helping out she accepted a dinner date…they’ve now been married since 2012)!

    Billionaire Toys was online.

    A lot has happened since then. Social media exploded and we discovered a worldwide community of people online who are passionate about their Swedish Koenigsegg supercars and Argentinian Pagani’s. Our Arabian followers shared images of their garages filled with more Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s than we’d ever seen. We gave “shout-outs” (no charge!) to superyacht brands dipping their toes into the social media world, to help the rest of the world discover their designs and marvelled at British folk attending events like the Goodwood Revival dressed in vintage costumes.

    We’ve continued to grow and evolve along the way and that first website no longer exists. What has always stayed the same though is our endeavour to highlight the incredible designs, the talented people that make them possible and those who are passionate about them.

    Today we’re still just as committed to bringing all the toys together and making it easier for buyers to find what their looking for.

    We’re also working hard to deliver the latest news and helping brands put their best foot forward in the marketplace.

    And this? This is our online store. We see a future where buying your next Lamborghini or superyacht online is every day stuff and we’re here for it. While we’re waiting for the internet and hoverboards to catch up though, we’re your “go-to” when trying to find the perfect gift for yourself or the car lover/boating enthusiast/aviation geek in your life!

    We’d love to have you join us for the ride and hope to see you around on the socials. 😎👋