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    78 Generation - by Giordan Rubio

    '78 Generation'

    Acrylic on canvas
    140cm x 120cm
    A complete reverse color and orientation of
    Giordan Rubio's 'Generation 78' artwork applied on a larger canvas

    From EUR €7400
    (approx) USD $8000

    About the Artist

    "I freeze moments of life"

    Giordan Rubio is an exciting young talent from France who has exhibited his work nationally. Drawing inspiration from legends such as Warhol, Haring, Basquiat and Rothko, as well as from words and language sources, he composes works that combine tastes of nostalgia with firmly contemporary expressions. Rubio merges semi-figurative forms with vibrant colors and a percussive spirit, achieving an aesthetic marked by strength, irony, and social commentary.