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    Bespoke Boat & Marine Livery Artwork Design - by Giordan Rubio

    Bespoke Artwork Designs For Boats, Superyachts & Other Marine Toys


    Create something truly unique for your boat or marine craft, something that will not be duplicated in the future and stand out from the crowd in a world where brands have been overexposed through social media and the mass consumption of luxury. French Artist Giordan Rubio can craft a one-off bespoke design just for you.

    About the Artist

    "I freeze moments of life"

    Giordan Rubio is an exciting young talent from France who has exhibited his work nationally. Drawing inspiration from legends such as Warhol, Haring, Basquiat and Rothko, as well as from words and language sources, he composes works that combine tastes of nostalgia with firmly contemporary expressions. Rubio merges semi-figurative forms with vibrant colors and a percussive spirit, achieving an aesthetic marked by strength, irony, and social commentary.


    The Process

    When designing a custom boat or marine craft exterior (for either business or personal use), Giordan Rubio will charge an initial design fee separate from printing painting or installation. The design fee includes a consultation with Giordan Rubio, the creation of concept art (in the form of a first draft), and up to two revisions thereafter. Additional revisions after this point will be charged at an agreed hourly rate.

    1. Consultation

    After Giordan Rubio receives an initial description of the project, associated photography of the boat or marine craft the design will relate to and an initial deposit, he will contact you to begin your consultation via email or phone. He will ask several questions to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the design. This will be an opportunity to share ideas and come up with the initial design concept. The design price will also be discussed during this time. However, the price for production and installation will not be finalized until the design process is complete and the final design has been approved.

    1. Design Process

    Giordan Rubio will take all the elements and suggestions you’ve provided and will come up with an initial draft design. This will be your opportunity to see what your boat or marine craft might look like for the first time!

    1. Final Approval

    This is where it all comes together! The final Giordan Rubio design will include all of your requested changes. At this point, you should feel confident with the look and function of the design and artwork. You will hopefully be excited and ready to see the new bespoke artwork design on your boat or marine craft! Once you sign off on the final design, the design process is complete and your artwork can be sent to production. Any revisions after final approval will incur additional charges.