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    Flight Simulator Cockpit

    Product Description

    From USD $879

    Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit – As used by Saitek HQ, Bristol University Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets, Hong Kong University, Oshkosh air show & many more

    James Moon 2011 European Pilot of the year – ”To all pilots, aviation enthusiasts, aviation professionals and budding pilots worldwide, you need to get your hands on and own a Next Level Flight Simulator today – you won’t look back”

    Saitek - “It’s really comfortable and should fit any size pilot… it truly does bring your gaming experience to the “Next Level”

    The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit finally makes it affordable to have a professional grade flight simulator cockpit in your very own home. We have had the pleasure of supplying the Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit not only to professional pilots from around the world but also militaries and universities as a training tool.

    The unique design allows you to position your throttle and joystick on either side of your seat or if preferred it also allows you to move your joystick in between your legs for helicopter mode. The Next Level Flight Simulator Cockpit can also be used as a full racing simulator with all the same specifications and characteristics of the Next Level Racing GTultimate V2

    Watch The Flight Simulator Review

    Leading Features Of The Next Level Flight Simulator Cockpit

    • Completely adjustable Yoke, Throttle and Joystick Positions
    • Patented design allows cockpit Separate into two halves and folds for easy storage
    • Rock solid cockpit weighing over 45kg / 100lbs
    • Built for extreme comfort with custom designed, reclining fiberglass race seat
    • Numerous accessories to build your ultimate cockpit include Motion Platform that bolts straight on
    • Can also be used as a racing simulator
    • Extras included such as seat slider, gear shifter support, lumbar support cushion and 4 Point Safety Harness
    • Compatible with all major flight equipment including Saitek, Thrustmaster, Logitech and CH products


    • Supported Height - 120 - 210 cm or 4ft - 6ft 9 inches
    • Supported Max Weight - 150 kg or 330 lbs
    • Product Dimensions  -L 125-150 x W 55-80 x H 117 cm or L 49-59” x W 22-32” x H 46” inches
    • Product Weight - 49 kg or 108 lbs
    • Boxed Dimensions -

    Box 1 - 87 x 66 x 58 cm or 34” x 26” x 23” inches
    Box 2 - 55 x 22 x 10 cm or 22” x 10” x 9” inches

    • Boxed Weight

    Box 1 - 48 kg or 108 lbs
    Box 2 – 5kg or 11 lbs

    • Part Numbers

    Box 1 NLR-S001
    Box 2 NLR-A003

    What’s In The Box

    • Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit Seat and Frame
    • Adapters to attach your joystick and throttle
    • Next Level Racing Lumbar Support Cushion & Four Point Harness
    • Velcro ties for cable management
    • Instructions for quick and easy assembly

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