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    Air Combat Full Day Experience for 2 in Riga, Latvia

    Aerial Battle with 2 Guests in L-39 Albatros jets

    Experience the thrill of air dogfight and gain the air supremacy. High-speed low-level flying and ground attack missions as never seen before!

    Have you ever wondered what it is like to be involved in a dogfight as fighter pilots do? Stop imagining and discover yourself the thrill of engaging with another jet aircraft in air-to-air combat, and low-level bombing ground targets. This is not a simulation. You are flying real high performance jets with real ex-military pilots.

    Program of the Air Combat day

    – Welcome visitors to the base and hangars
    – Briefing/Debriefing before/after each sortie
    – Full day experience
    – Transportation
    – Pull up to 6x the Force of Gravity
    – Up to 5 Air Combat Engagements
    – Vertical Fight
    – High G Turns
    – Low-Level Ground target attack

    Program Details

    Sortie One
    Get familiar with the aircraft. The cameras follow you and a friend as you get a feel for the jet and the manoeuvres and receive your first experience in controlling the aircraft. (20 mins)

    Sortie Two
    Your second flight sees two aircraft with one passenger on a separate jet flying in formation and learning basic tactical manoeuvres.
    You’ll be briefed in dogfighting and ground bombing tactics and strategies. (20 mins)

    Sortie Three
    Brace for pulling G’s. You’ll be filmed pulling up to 6Gs, flying through the clouds at very high altitudes and engaging in a thrilling air-2-air battle head to head against “the enemy”. (30 mins)

    Sortie Four
    Now is time to team up in a formation flight with the opposer, enjoying a low altitude high-speed flying and ground attacking the bunkers and shelters, or the Soviet aircraft (MIG, SUKHOI etc.) on the airbase. (20 mins).

    Jet Aerobatics to prepare and during the program

    As in other locations, the L-39 Albatros in Riga offers breathtaking manoeuvres and aerobatics – at high speed. Among other things – the flight program will include manoeuvres that you will need to attack or evade your opponent. They can include air combat manoeuvres like

    • Looping
    • Immelman
    • Rolls
    • Split-S
    • Vertical diving and climbing
    • Tail-Chase
    • High-speed low-level flying
    • Control of the jet by the customer

    Make sure you bring a couple of extra T-Shirts, as the dogfight program will be very tense. We are not talking about a Playstation battle here, but a real simulated air combat in real jets. You will feel G-forces, you will know exactly why only the best, most stress-resistant guys become fighter pilots.