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    CARA Paris Lamborghini Huracán Gold Ignition Switch Cover

    Handmade With 18 Carat Solid Gold

    Approx USD $13,000+

    The flap of Lamborghini ignition’s button, has been inspired by fighter aircrafts and is a major piece of Cara’s collection. This piece is a stroke of madness, unclassifiable. Its design and ergonomics combine incredible aesthetics with a breathtaking texture.

    Manufacturing time : 3 weeks.
    Shipping: Worldwide


    Choose your Gold:

    Three shades of gold are available, yellow gold, white gold or pink gold, guaranteeing a creation in your image.

    Engraving, Make It Your Own:

    CARA Paris can engrave your creation with your initials, a small detail that will make your piece unique. Their master engraver definitely marks the personal character of your creation.

    Handmade In France
    In The Purest Of Tradition

    CARA Paris master jewelers are certified "Joaillier de France", this distinction guarantees exceptional know-how and traditional working methods. It certifies that their products have been manufactured, assembled, polished and set in France in the purest French tradition.

    The technical excellence of CARA Paris craftsmen who work at different stages of production gives life to unique creations.

    18 Carat Gold

    CARA Paris uses only the most prestigious materials, for their beauty and extraordinary technical properties. The titanium alloy used by CARA Paris is identical to that used for the manufacture of rocket engines, the high-performance aluminum alloy is used in aeronautics.

    CARA Paris only use 18 carat gold, 75% of which is pure gold.

    Craftsmanship At The Heart Of CARA Paris

    CARA Paris explores the relationship between art and crafts in a permanent quest to combine artistic vision and technical mastery. These creations are the result of a precious blend of elegance, expertise and originality.