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    Military Wristwatches: Sky, Land, Sea

    Our Take

    Military Wristwatches: Sky, Land, Seaby Michele Galizia, is a much needed addition to the slowly growing library of books for collectors that focuses specifically on the category of military wristwatches. Despite the incredible popularity of military wristwatches as collectibles, there are very, very few resources for military watch enthusiasts that even make an attempt to treat the subject in a comprehensive fashion, and at a level of detail and organization that makes the subject accessible and offers real utility as a reference. Military Wristwatches: Sky, Land, Seais an attempt to fill one major gap in the existing literature: important examples of collectible military timepieces organized by nation. While it doesn’t make an attempt to be fully comprehensive, it is incredibly valuable in offering highlights - by nation - of major military watches, with a great deal of genuinely useful information.  

    Listings include approximate date of manufacture for each example, as well as brief, concise descriptions of case details, dial markings, case markings, and movement details. The author has taken pains to make photography as complete as possible, with movement images often included as well.Highly recommended for, obviously, military watch enthusiasts, but also for anyone interested in the sort of functionally oriented watchmaking that has been so influential in watches for civilians, for many decades.



    • 372 pages
    • 12 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
    • 3 pounds