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    Model Car Box Plinth Display Stand - (1:8 scale models)


    Available in two sizes to suit F1 and GT model base sizes these very simple and minimal box plinths are available in black or white, or with any car paint finish, wood veneer, or carbon fiber finish, made to order.

    The designs of these display stands and cabinets are all founded on the concept that they must be elegant, simple and able to harmonise with any style or context.

    The model is the focus of attention and the display is discreetly complementary to it in terms of quality, finish and functionality. As well as offering the range of displays shown here in black or white, they can be created in finishes and colours to order. We can also design and create unique one-off displays to meet a client’s specific requirements for functionality, style and finish. Remote controlled rising and rotation are special display features that can also be incorporated into chests and cabinets. The manufacture's design team are available to develop your ideas.

    Note: Model car not included.

    Any of the components shown here are also available individually.