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    Model Car Rising Display Cabinet - (1:18 & 1:43 scale models)


    The Ultimate Display Cabinet for a 1:18 or 1:43 model collection.

    We’ve developed these beautifully crafted rising and falling display cabinets in our Bristol workshop, working with the head of design at one of the world’s leading architectural partnerships, who wished to house his extensive collection of 1:18 model cars in a functional and elegant way.  The base of the cabinet holds up to 21 1:18 models off their bases, on 7 rotating shelves, allowing perfect access to every model in a safe dust free environment. Opening the door activates internal lighting giving a full view of the stored collection.  The cylindrical cabinet is built from three plywood sections laminated over a former in the traditional way, each perfectly finished in a light grey metallic lacquer.  The display platform can be raised and lowered on a smooth and near silent Linak actuator activated by remote control, allowing the models to be displayed at the perfect personal height for viewing.  The display platform has a clear acrylic cover that is easily lifted off when a change of displayed models is desired.

    This is the ultimate storage and viewing cabinet for a collection of high-end 1:18 and 1:43 scale models, but could equally display a watch collection or any other collection of valuable and beautiful objects.

    Note: Model cars not included 

    At Amalgam Collection we create models at a range of scales. For those of you unfamiliar with the way the system works, these scales represent the ratio between the size of a model and its full size counterpart. Here are the scales we make with the average lengths of the model alongside. Put simply, the bigger the number to the right of the colon, the smaller the model car:

    1:18…...25 cms (10 inches) long

    1:12…...38 cms (15 inches) long

    1:8….....60 cms (24 inches) long

    1:5….....92 cms (36 inches) long

    1:4. ….120 cms (48 inches) long