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    Stadium Foosball Table by Vismara Design

    'Stadium' Foosball Table

    Made in Italy

    Stadium is the new Vismara Design Foosball Table, which is appreciated not only for its contemporary design but also for its ludic spirit. Vismara transforms a common product into a refined example of top Italian design and quality. Its uniqueness relies in every single detail, from the gold and chrome plated players to the little cork balls. Visitors loved the fact that this product practicality, rather than being compromised, is actually enhanced by some technical features. This is why Stadium is seen, first of all, as a functional piece of design by all the Foosball enthusiasts.

    Customize choice of men, surface, handles, table and legs.

    About Vismara

    Vismara Design, is an Italian manufacturing company specializing in Italian made furniture production. Vismara proposes a wide choice of furniture and accessories, like reclining home theater seating, pool tables, motorized TV units, sofas, bookcases, mirrors, vases and lamps.